This American Fight (Fast Company)

Some feel that this attitude—that the primary way NPR should serve its listeners is by supporting its member stations—keeps it from leading and innovating in the digital audio space. Shouldn’t it be focusing instead on its audience, wherever works best? “The most uncharitable way to read this is to call this a hostage situation,” said […]

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Inside ‘Star Trek Discovery’: The Franchise’s Answer to the Trump Era (Rolling Stone)

The Trump phenomenon was “front and center in our minds,” Harberts admits when talking about the post-Fuller production process. “We felt like it would be interesting to really look at what’s going on in the United States.” He mentions that among the show’s antagonists are an ultra-religious and violent Klingon faction whose rallying cry – […]

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Son of Zorn (Esquire)

From the early days of the show, were you thinking about the rules of the animated world—Zorn is only going to kill things that are animated, for example? I know a lot of the rules that they discussed were kind of like in our world. When Zorn’s doing pull ups on a bar and because […]

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The Impossible Burger

Chris: Its main taste is: crispy. I’m just looking at the AMAZING pictures Jane took, and, honestly, they make the burger look a lot better than it tasted. It’s very photogenic! Natalie: Whoa, the burger does look significantly tastier than it really tasted. Jane: I’m very talented Chris: YOU ARE. It’s like our word pictures […]

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Andrew Dice Clay

A lot of them are Woody fans, a lot of fans are also from Australia. I did a giant tour there like two years ago. They actually wanted me to come there since 1990, but it was the flight. I couldn’t handle the flight. But I was on the plane with [my wife] Valerie, and […]

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