The Vis-A-Vis Project Invites You To Come Along For The DIY Ride (Village Voice)

What’s the next step for do-it-yourself culture? The Vis-à-Vis Project, this weekend’s dance/music/film/discussion festival in Bushwick, will try to answer that question.

“Somebody told me, ‘Nobody wants to go to shows any more,'” festival organizer and fresh-faced art school grad Rachael Pazdan explains. “Everybody calls their event a party, so people want to go. I think the reason for that is that people want to be involved in what’s going on—they don’t want to sit and watch.”

The three-day fest—a panel discussion on creativity and collaboration at Vaudeville Park tonight, a night of visual art with music by beat-based one-man-band the eCUSSIONIST(Pazdan found him while busking underground) at Brooklyn Fireproof tomorrow, and a blowout at House of Yes on Saturday, about which more in a minute—will attempt to redefine the DIY aesthetic into something more collaborative. Call it DIO, for “do it ourselves,” maybe.

Read more at The Village Voice


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