The Odd Couple (New York Press)

“I’m so against robots. I fucking hate them.”

During a more or less normal conversation with Fergus & Geronimo, the Brooklyn band made up of
Jason Kelly and Andrew Savage in a bedroom in their shared apartment, the topic unexpectedly turns to robots. Widespread, Internet-enabled geekery has made robots something of an everyday topic; Googling “robots vs.” gets you 10 million results. But this is different. Savage begins a 10-minute harangue about the takeover of our society by robots, how human beings are turning into robots, why he hates Avatar and how video games are “breaking into your mind,” all by way of explaining why he’s quit Facebook, ditched his iPhone and begun replacing his digital clocks
with analog ones. When I point out his fancy, tiny, wireless Apple keyboard, he tells me, “I don’t have anything against that keyboard. Yet.”

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