Why Katy Goodman ditched New York (Village Voice)

LaSera_JakeMichaels2 (1)

You’re from New Jersey, and Brooklyn is where you became super famous. The east coast has been so good to you, but you abandoned us. Do you feel bad about it every day or just most days? 
Just once in a while, when I’m back on the east coast, and it’s really nice out, I’ll be like, “This is nice.” That happens when I go to New York, like, in May, I’ll feel like, “Oh, I could live here.”

Was there a specific moment when you started hating it here?
I don’t hate it! I don’t hate it. There was just one really bad winter, and I was like, I’m done. And I told all my friends, I’m fucking done. And everyone was like, yeah right. And then three months later, I moved to LA.

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