What Happened to All The Music Blogs? (Brooklyn Magazine)

BK16_wildhoneypie_0The first time I see Eric Weiner, the man behind the odd music-video-website-cum-branded-content-agency The Wild Honey Pie, he’s emerging from a darkened doorway at the Central Park Zoo dressed in blue jeans, flannel, and plastic fangs: a sort of vampire cowboy. He’s grinning, both to show off the fangs and because he’s more or less perpetually grinning. A solidly built 27-year-old with jet-black hair and the relentlessly chipper air of a young marketing executive, he bounces between the dozen or so people milling around the far edge of the zoo in various stages of cowboy getup: denim shorts, red handkerchiefs, and the occasional plastic hat or Lone Ranger mask. As he sidles up to each knot of two or three people, he cracks a joke, compliments their outfits, and offers everyone a piece of candy.

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