La La Anthony’s power playbook: lessons on success, from a woman who wins at life (Fast Company)

La La Anthony swears it’s a coincidence that power is both the subject of her forthcoming book, The Power Playbook, and her new television show, Power, which also stars 50 Cent.

“It was a coincidence!” she says, laughing. “You know, I just found that so funny. One day, I was like, I’m on a show called Power and I’m writing a book called The Power Playbook! How insane is that? Definitely a coincidence.”

Here it should probably be noted that during our 27-minute interview, Anthony said the full title of her new book seven times (and said the full name of her last book, New York Times-best-selling The Love Playbook, three times). You or I might get tired after once or twice, and say “the book,” or “this one,” or some other shorthand. For Anthony, it was The Power Playbook every single time. (The Power Playbook: Rules For Independence, Money and Success is out in May, by the way.) So you’ll forgive me if I took her promises about branding accidents with a grain of salt.

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