Masters of Reality: What Happens to TV Chefs When the Cameras Stop? (Brooklyn Magazine)

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Reality shows just “let people do what they naturally do,” says Talde. “A lot of the time, people are fucking assholes. And it shows. If you’re not a fucking asshole, and you act like a fucking asshole, and you’re like, oh, that was edited—what did they edit? You said that.”

Seeing himself on television helped Talde realize just how much of an asshole he was. “When I could see the embarrassment on my mother’s face at the way I’m acting, that was a real wake-up call,” he says “You’re getting a front-row seat to how people perceive you. That’s a very unique angle. Because actors and people playing sports —they’re acting, right? This is supposed to be you and who you are. It’s awesome in that way. You can get an honest opinion. Like, yeah, your mom’s embarrassed by you. You have to grow. They make you a better person.”

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