Shaking up the rum industry (Fast Company)

While sales of rum actually declined by about 1.5% in 2014, the Powers brothers feel it’s due for the same revitalization that moved consumers (or at least prestige consumers) from Smirnoff to Grey Goose and from Jose Cuervo to Patrón. “When looking at the spirits market, the last one to not have a push into the small premium producers was rum,” said Pat Powers.

“Before the tequila boom in the United States, I learned while living in Guadalajara [in the early ‘90s] that Mexicans drink tequila like a fine whiskey or brandy,” he continued. “It was a sipping drink, not the tequila popper or mixer drink like we did in college. Rum is meant to enjoyed neat or on the rocks like we do whiskey, not as a mixer.”
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