Chillary: Finally, a Safe Space for Hillary Clinton Fans in Brooklyn (Brooklyn Magazine)

This weekend in Bed-Stuy, a white man on his bike took the time to stop and shout “HILLARY IS OLIGARCHY” when he saw some women and children of color holding signs supporting her.

This is the kind of unsolicited insight Hillary supporters in Brooklyn get every day. A few days before the New York primary, it can seem like Bernie Sanders is the only candidate anyone’s talking about (at least positively) in Brooklyn. Vampire Weekend and Grizzly Bear both played rallies for him, appearing alongside celebrities like Danny DeVito, Spike Lee, and Tim Robbins. You see his signs poking out of apartment windows, and somehow, against your better judgment, end up reading very long Facebook posts about his obvious superiority from pretty much all of your marginal Facebook friends (coincidentally, all male).

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