PJ Vogt (Brooklyn Magazine)

It’s been such a linear progression for you. Getting the things that you want.
But it didn’t feel like that at all. I really wanted to do… On the Media is mostly a show that does interviews, and if you’re a producer, you’re mostly like suggesting and preparing and editing interviews. And I really wanted to do reported pieces. I didn’t feel like, oh, I’m killing it. I felt the way I think a lot of people feel. You’re doing something that’s really cool, and if you talk to people who don’t work in the thing you work in, it sounds indistinguishable from the thing you want to be doing, but you’re like, no! There’s these fine degrees of difference that make me feel like a miserable jerk, and I know it sounds insane but they really matter, and I’m a loser don’t listen to me.

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