Andrew Dice Clay

A lot of them are Woody fans, a lot of fans are also from Australia. I did a giant tour there like two years ago. They actually wanted me to come there since 1990, but it was the flight. I couldn’t handle the flight. But I was on the plane with [my wife] Valerie, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. We had a good time.

You catch up on every movie and TV show you haven’t seen.
I tell ya, the only thing I was watching was her.

That’s really sweet.
We had an edible, and that was it. We’re making out in the bathroom, it was frickin nuts. I’m goin, I’m in my fifties! But you know what those planes are—you leave at night and it’s dark, and it’s fun. We were just gone, between the edible and champagne. There’s something to be said for the mile high club. She’s a sexy motherfucker.

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